How does affiliate program work?

You bring

Clients make

You get 60% from 1st and
20% from all next deposits

How you get paid?

Best deal in the industry! Lifetime deposit share

Number of clients per week Affiliate commission (1st LEVEL) % of clients deposit
1-9 60% first + 20% next deposits
10-49 65% first + 20% next deposits
50 or more 70% first + 20% next deposits

You can also earn extra 5% commission from your sub-affiliates or
to choose CPA model, based on 250$ per depositor

Why it’s worth to work with Binarycent?

  • We process withdrawals in
    1 hour (number 1 in industry)
  • We offer the most popular
    trading platform in industry
  • Our affiliates get paid
    on weekly basis
  • As a partner you work with a
    top quality of marketing materials

Affiliate commission can be paid by: